AI Guardrails: The First Three Rules For Using AI

As a leader, you’re responsible for the way you and your team use AI in your daily work – so that it’s safe, ethical, and responsible. This is a big topic, but there are three simple guidelines you can adopt right now as a starting point.

Last week, I ran my Future Scenarios leadership program for a group of senior leaders in Perth. As part of the program, I showed them how to use ChatGPT and other AI tools to ‘predict’ the future. They were excited by how it could help them expand their thinking, generate new ideas, and discover scenarios outside their area of work.

But, being leaders, they were also – rightly – concerned about how to use AI tools ethically and responsibly.

This is a big area, but you can start with these three principles and guidelines:

  1. Share with care. Be careful about what you share (upload) with tools like Chat GPT. In other words, don’t upload anything private or confidential. That might seem obvious, but many people forget that when have such a convenient and powerful tool at their fingertips!
  2. Assistant, not expert. AI can HELP you, but treat it as an assistant, not an expert. For example, I was working with another group of leaders, and one asked whether ChatGPT could translate an email into French. Sure it can – but not necessarily to a standard suitable for French speakers. Instead, use it to do the initial heavy lifting, and then apply your own intelligence and expertise to the result.
  3. Check everything. Always double-check – even triple-check – what AI products. Tools like ChatGPT are ‘people pleasers’, and will always give you a response – even if it’s irrelevant, out of context, or just plain wrong. Always check everything, especially if you’re using the results for something important.

These three rules don’t cover everything you need to know about using AI responsibly, but they are a good start.

If you’d like to learn more, join my free public virtual masterclass ‘AI For Leaders’ coming up soon. Please register and invite your team to join the session, so you can gain more insights on how to get more from AI.



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