AI Champions: The Simple Success Secret For Your AI Journey

As a leader, you might be responsible for bringing AI into your team, but it’s not easy to find the time to do it well. The secret is that you DON’T do it yourself – instead, identify internal AI champions to lead your team into an AI-enabled future.

In two of my recent presentations, two leaders asked me slightly different but related questions about how to integrate AI in their teams:

“How can I keep up with AI, which is changing so quickly?”
“How can I find the best AI apps, tools, and software to use?”

The answer to both is the same: You don’t! Or rather, YOU don’t!

Unless your role specifically relates to technology, IT, or AI in the organisation, don’t take on this extra burden of researching, investigating, testing, reviewing, and keeping up with everything AI.

Instead, find an AI champion or two in your team. These are the people already enthusiastic and excited about AI, and all they need is a nudge in the right direction. Invite them to take the lead with AI for the team’s benefit, and support them in that role.

How do you find your AI champions? Sometimes it’s easy to identify them, because they are already talking about AI at every opportunity. You may even be sick of them talking about AI too much! But this is the perfect opportunity to enrol them in this role and steer them in the right direction for the team.

But be careful, because their journey isn’t always easy, especially if they are junior team members (as they often are). They might have good ideas, but could face resistance, backlash, pushback, and even jealousy from others.

For ideas on how to make this work more effectively, download my worksheet about identifying and nurturing AI champions. It has two parts:

  • What you can do to support them
  • The obstacles they might face and how you can help them

Download the worksheet, share it with others – especially the AI champions themselves, of course – and put your AI champions to work!



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