Underestimating AI: What Leaders Are Getting Wrong

Many leaders experimenting with AI feel let down by the results because they don’t explore it properly, so they only get a limited view of wht it can do. That means you might give up on projects too soon, or not start at all. Dont underestimate its power! Rethink its capabilities and start putting it to work to generate value for you and your team.

I wonder whether you’re underestimating the power of artificial intelligence?

I was recently speaking at the Perth Convention Centre to a group of 800 healthcare leaders about what it takes to be a future-ready leader. Not surprisingly, one of the topics we addressed was the impact of AI. Not only AI in the next few years, but AI right now.

AI is already well-established in healthcare, and has had an impact for decades. Now, many leaders are experimenting with tools like ChatGPT or Microsoft Copilot, and they want to know what they can do every day to get value from AI.

I’ve noticed, after talking to many leaders who have tried using it, that many are not that impressed with the results. They are underwhelmed!

Sometimes they get a result and say,

“I need to do more work to edit this than if I was writing it from scratch.”


“This is too generic. It’s not very useful to me.”

I even saw somebody on LinkedIn saying,

“AI stands for ‘Aggregator of Information’, and that’s pretty much all it can do.”

That’s a very narrow viewpoint. It IS good at aggregating information, but if you think that’s all it can do, you’re missing its potential. It’s like saying a dog’s only value is in fetching a stick!

If you’re thinking about AI in these limited ways, you will miss its opportunities. Sometimes it means you start an AI project and give up too quickly. Sometimes you won’t start at all.

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating AI!

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