Passengers Push Frozen Siberian Plane – Follow Their Lead!

Many years ago, I remember hearing a motivational story about a wagon driver carrying a group of people, and reaching a steep hill that was too heavy for his horse to climb. The driver turned around to his passengers and said, “Those who want to keep going, get out and push. Those who don’t, get out of the way.”

That story turned into reality recently for passengers on a Siberian airline, when their plane got frozen at the gate, and some passengers got out to push it onto the runway so they could take off.

You can see it with your own eyes here:

Whether it’s the apocryphal story of the wagon driver or these determined passengers in Siberia, the motivational message behind the story is just as relevant for you and your team members. If you want to make things happen, make things happen. We have never had as much potential to make a difference. But potential alone counts for nothing, until you put it into action.

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