Five Myths of Leading a Distributed Team

Telecommuting and distributed teams are growing fast. If you’re a leader or manager, it’s likely that you are – or will be – leading a distributed team. That means some or all of your team members aren’t in the office all the time. So what’s different about leading distributed teams?

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The five myths:

  1. Myth #1: It’s too difficult to build trust
    Reality: It’s not more difficult; it’s just different.
  2. Myth #2: It’s too difficult to build synergy
    Reality: Synergy is intentional, not incidental.
  3. Myth #3: Team members feel too isolated and detached
    Reality: Some personalities thrive under remote work arrangements.
  4. Myth #4: Interpersonal skills aren’t important
    Reality: If anything, interpersonal skills are even more important.
  5. Myth #5: You can’t measure and reward performance
    Reality: Sometimes you can do it even better.


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