Five Ways to Use Webinars to Support Clients and Customers

Five Ways to Use Webinars to Support Clients and CustomersThe most common use of webinars is for marketing purposes: a free webinar that attracts new potential customers to your products or services. But another very powerful use of webinars is to support existing customers and clients. Although you will generally get much smaller numbers for these webinars, you’re providing a valuable service to people who have already done business with you. And we all know it’s far easier to get more business from them than to try and convince a stranger to buy from you.

Here are five ways you can use webinars to support existing clients and customers:

  1. Reward loyal clients: If you’re looking for ways to reward your best and most loyal clients, put on a webinar just for them. For example, if you’re a financial planner, you might conduct a quarterly client-only webinar that talks about the economy. You provide a valuable service (not just a “just keeping in touch” phone call, which can be an annoying intrusion more than a useful gesture) and demonstrate your on-going value to them.
  2. Leverage access to you: Webinars allow you to reach many people at the same time, rather than having to deal with them individually. This is useful in a number of places in your business, including product training, customer support, and presentation follow-up.
  3. Offer more frequent training: Because webinars are easy and cheap to schedule and run, you can run them whenever they are needed, rather than waiting until you can get enough people together to make a training workshop feasible.
  4. Create a training library: What’s more, webinars are dead easy to record (no expensive recording equipment, no hiring trained video operators, no complex post-event editing). So in addition to running the live webinars, you can also make the recordings available for people who missed the live training sessions.
  5. Lower cost: Webinars cost less for you than bringing a group of people together at a venue, because you don’t have to pay for venues, refreshments, printing handouts, air fares, accommodation, travel costs to the venue, parking and other incidentals. But webinars also save money for the participants, because their greatest cost is the lost time for attending the event. With a webinar, they don’t have any wasted time. They are just sitting at their desks working, then they log on to the webinar for its duration, then hang up and get back to work.

If you’re not already using webinars to support your customers and clients, you’re missing the opportunity to create a deeper connection with them. And that connection leads to better connections, longer relationships and ultimately greater profit in your business.

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