Dead End Job

The youngest Millennials (Gen Ys) and their younger siblings, Gen Z, are expected to have up to 17 jobs each across their careers. That means they need high levels of adaptability and a willingness to be self motivated.

Most workplaces still carry over baggage from 200 years ago, when offices were invented. But people are becoming much more entrepreneurial. You no longer need to be in an office and can work remotely while still being part of a creative and productive team.

Distributed work will become the norm, not the exception, with more offsite workers such as freelancers. The best people for the job will do the work but this doesn’t always happen in the traditional workplace.

The whole concept of diversity expands – even diversity in work patterns. Some people are early‑birds, others are night-owls. There are different countries and time zones, and even differences in people’s motivation.

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This is an extract from an interview published in Edith, the magazine from Edith Cowan Unversity.
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