We’re All Living in an AI World

Gartner has released its 2018 emerging technology hype cycle, and they are predicting artificial intelligence (AI) will be everywhere within 10 years. But it’s already here, and you’re already interacting with it, even if you’re not aware of it:

  • When you’re writing a text message and your phone predicts the next word before you write it, that’s AI.
  • When you get in your car and your phone “knows” where you’re going – because you go to the same place almost every Tuesday afternoon at 3.30 – that’s AI.
  • When your bank contacts you because your credit card number has been used 3 times in an unusual way a week after you got back from Bali, that’s AI.

Your Woolies loyalty card records what you buy, how much you spend, how often you go to the shops, and where you shop. Woolies then uses AI to send you special offers, so you can either get a special deal or spend even more at Woolies!

How will an AI-powered world look?

Just imagine what your morning might look like 5 years from now …

You wake up, and when you get out of bed, the bed tells the coffee machine to start making your first coffee of the day. But not just yet, because it’s a Tuesday, so you’re going for a run. Your headset isn’t just playing music, it’s also your personal trainer, and measures your pace, heart rate, and breathing, and coaches and encourages you along the way.

When you get back, the hot water system has been heating up the water for your shower, and the coffee machine is ready to start brewing the coffee. Your smart TV has gathered the main news stories that will interest you, and puts them together into a package – just for you.

Everything is tailored just for you – because AI learns what you do and what you like.

The best part of personal AI is that it’s incredibly cheap. It’s like having your own personal assistant, butler, personal trainer, life coach, food consultant, and concierge rolled into one – and all in the palm of your hand with Siri, or in your living room with Google Home.


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I was recently interviewed by Edith Cowan University Radio about AI and how it will affect us. You can listen to the interview here:

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