How to Be a Talent Magnet

If you think there’s been a war for talent in the past, you ain’t seen nothing yet! The skills for future success are changing, and the smart, savvy, talented people with these skills have a choice of places to work. Do you have a workplace that attracts, rewards, and keeps that top talent? Discover the top talent trends for 2019 and learn what you need to do to attract and keep the best people.

I asked the participants for their greatest takeaway value, and here are some of the things they shared:

“Strategic approach to the future of work”

“Reverse mentoring – I have never thought of what I do when I sit down with younger members of staff as that but it makes sense and I’ll try and implement more widely for our ageing staff”

“Benefits of mentoring and thinking more about diversity of thought”

“The practical demonstration of diverse thinking with the example”

“Insights into AI and predicted future impacts and thinking about working with AI rather than employees seeing it as a perceived threat”

“The fact that talent conversations need be within the context of business tomorrow”

“Potential use of AI”

Watch the recording here:


What Next?

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