Find Clarity In Uncertainty

In uncertainty and chaos, your people feel unsettled and insecure. You can’t promise them certainty and safety – nobody can – but you can give them greater clarity.

In this episode of the Fit For The Future podcast, we explore the three essential parts of creating clarity:

  1. Reality (What is): The world has changed, and the first step is to accept that new reality so you can understand how it operates now (and will operate in the future).
  2. Possibility (What could be): The people who thrive in change are the possibility thinkers, who look at the big picture and see opportunities created by the change.
  3. Priority (What matters): It’s impossible to do everything that’s possible, so become clear about which things to focus on and which you can safely ignore or defer.

Listen To the Episode

This episode is an extract from my new book “Disrupted” (coming in May). Find out more and download a free chapter here.

What Next?

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