The Top Three Leadership Challenges for 2023

The Top Three Leadership Challenges for 2023

We’ve had three years of massive change and disruption in all areas of our lives, and we can still see a lot of uncertainty and chaos ahead. What are the biggest challenges we will face?

KPMG conducts an annual study “Keeping Us Up at Night” to identify the top concerns and issues faced by Australian senior leaders.

These were their top four concerns:

  1. Finding, keeping, and rewarding digital-savvy talent: Leaders are increasingly focused on attracting, retaining, and motivating top talent who have the digital skills necessary to drive growth and innovation in their organisations.
  2. Digital transformation: The ongoing digital revolution has made it imperative for organisations to adapt and evolve. Leaders must guide their organisations on a digital journey to remain competitive and relevant in the marketplace.
  3. Cybersecurity: With the growing prevalence of cyber threats and attacks, leaders are prioritising the protection of their organisation’s digital assets and data, acknowledging that cybersecurity is a critical aspect of modern business operations.
  4. Leading in uncertainty: Leaders in all industries increasingly face uncertainty and disruption . They recognise the need for adaptability, agility, and flexibility to navigate these uncertain times.

In this practical, interactive session, we explore these challenges and identify how to address them in YOUR organisation. A must-attend session if you’re a leader, business owner, or team leader!

You can watch the recording here:

Download the Scenario Planning workbook and self-assessment survey below.



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