AI Meets CX: How AI Is Reshaping The Customer Experience

One of the most powerful uses of AI is to enhance your customer experience – in every step of the customer journey, from brand awareness to the buying experience and through to loyalty and creating lifetime value.

Are you using AI to help your customers?

Recently, Google has introduced a new feature for fashion and clothing retailers to use on their websites. When you visit their website as a customer, you often come across models showcasing those clothes. For businesses using Google’s new feature, customers can view the models in different sizes and different skin tones. So, as a customer, you can see how the clothes look on somebody that ‘looks like you’.

This feature doesn’t require you to upload your own picture or create a 3D model of yourself. I’m sure that will come in the future, and in fact that’s not a new concept. Several years ago, at a conference where I was speaking, an exhibitor from Melbourne demonstrated it. His studio had 70-80 cameras that took your photo from different angles and created a 3D model (‘avatar’) of you – to upload to virtual reality spaces.

Google’s feature doesn’t allow that (and anyway, that raising some privacy and ethical concerns that might scare some customers). But even the Google feature we have now is a valuable AI-powered tool to enhance the customer experience.

It doesn’t change the product or service you buy, but it improves the buying experience – and that matters.

What about YOU?

How could you use AI to enhance your customer’s experience? It might not necessarily be ‘try on before you buy’, but there are other things your customers would value.

If you want to explore these ideas, download my worksheet of various ways to use AI to customise and personaise the customer experience. I encourage you to share and discuss it with your team as well.

You might have considered some of these ideas already. I hope you’re always thinking about the customer journey! But you might have rejected some of these ideas because they were too expensive, too time-consuming, or too people-intensive. But with the possibilities presented by AI, some of these ideas might now be feasible.

Take a fresh perspective. Use the worksheet to spark discussions and generate innovative ideas. And if you would like to have a conversation with me about them, let’s chat!

What are YOU doing to leverage AI for your customers? I’d love to know.



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