Better Decisions, Faster: How to Leverage AI for Smarter Decision Making

In a fast-paced world, we all need to make better decisions, faster. AI can help, but don’t delegate all your responsibility to the machine! Instead, learn how to leverage AI for valuable insights and better analysis to streamline your decision-making process – while staying in control.

Do you use AI for making decisions?

In a recent masterclass about AI for leaders in healthcare, someone raised an interesting question. They were concerned about using AI to make decisions, particularly when it involves the health – and maybe even the lives – of patients.

They raised a valid point – that many AI tools don’t (and maybe can’t) explain how they arrived at their conclusions. ChatGPT, for example, confidently offers answers without disclosing its reasoning process. This means you can’t assess the accuracy and reliability of the answer.

For example, a lawyer in the USA used ChatGPT to write a brief, only to discover the AI had invented references and cases! He was fortunate to get away with just a $5000 fine.

In contrast, when you do a Google search, you can click on a search result and assess its credibility, accuracy before using it in your decision-making process.

So, how can we leverage AI to enhance decision making?

First, never delegate decision making entirely to AI – that would be negligent, risky, and irresponsible. Instead, view AI as an assistant in your decision-making process.

When making important decisions, we must evaluate all inputs, including AI. Take AI responses with a grain of salt and evaluate them just as you would any other input.

You can assess AI responses in many ways – such as testing, research, and discussions with others. These steps will help you gather valuable insights about using AI in making a decision.

To help you, I have prepared a downloadable worksheet with specific and practical ways to use AI for better decision making. Feel free to download and share this resource with your team.



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