AI Fast and Slow: Transforming Productivity and Customer Experience

There are two ways to leverage AI for yourself and your team: One that’s slower but more powerful, and the other that’s faster but more superficial. You can use both, but it’s important to know which is which.

It’s peak conference season here in Australia, and I recently went on a ‘road trip’, speaking at three conferences in a week: in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Hobart. They were for different audiences, but all shared a common interest in AI.

I was thrilled to get feedback after these events, as many people had a light-bulb moment about AI, and recognised its value for their own productivity and their organisation, without requiring a substantial investment of time, money, and resources.

There are two approaches to adopting AI.

The first – which is more powerful – involves applying AI tools to your internal data (customer data, employee data, internal processes, and so on). This is extremely powerful, but usually needs a significant investment of time, money, effort, changing work processes, training employees, ensuring IT infrastructure is up to date and secure, and much more.

The other way to use AI is with tools like ChatGPT, which have been trained on external data – that is, other people’s data. It’s not operating on YOUR data, but you can get instant results – to boost your own productivity, enhance your team’s performance, and improve the overall customer experience.

If you’re interested in exploring these ideas for instant results, I have created two downloadable worksheets – one about AI for instant productivity, and the other about AI for marketing and customer experience. Download them, discuss them with your team, and choose the strategies that will work best for you.

And if you’d like me to help you, of course let’s have a chat!



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