Customer Co-Creation: Your Secret Weapon for Competitive Advantage

Customers want to be involved in the way you solve their problems and help them achieve their goals. When you engage your customers in co-creation, you tap into their valuable insights, enhance their engagement, and gain a competitive edge.

I was speaking recently at a conference in Hobart for an organisation that had brought together their leaders for the first time since COVID-19. They knew some things had returned to ‘normal’, but were interested in what had changed.

One big change is that customers have changed.

This is true across every industry and sector. The pandemic prompted people to re-evaluate their lives, workplaces, and the businesses or organisations they interact with. Many re-assessed and reconsidered what truly matters to them.

Many customers want a genuine connection with the organisations they support. That doesn’t mean bombarding them with spam or stalking them on the web. Instead, they want to people who genuinely care about them, their problems, and their goals.

One effective method to do this is through ‘customer co-creation’: You work together with your customers to solve their problems and help them achieve their goals. Instead of just taking their money and giving them a solution (even a good solution), you work with them to create the solution.

This goes beyond focus groups. You bring them into the process, let them suggest ideas, and work together with your team. Many organisations have already implemented co-creation successfully. You can do the same.

Co-creation creates more value for customers, engages them more deeply, and builds lasting loyalty.

I have a worksheet with examples of organisations that have run co-creation projects, generating ideas and cultivating stronger bonds and loyalty with their customers. Download it and use it as inspiration for your team.



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