Instant AI: From Big Investment to Instant Results

AI is not new – I’ve been working in AI and following its growth for more than 30 years. But in the past, you needed a significant investment – in time, money, technology, training, and workflow – to use AI in your organisation. Now, tools like ChatGPT have fundamentally changed the way we can use AI, and tipped the scales in your favour for getting positive results – fast.

I recently spoke at a conference on the Gold Coast for the agriculture industry. This was a conference that was originally planned for 2020, and then postponed (twice!) due to COVID-19.

One of the things I like most as a futurist is that I have to keep changing my material, because the world is changing so fast. In preparing my slide deck, it gave me the chance to review what I had planned for the 2020 conference.

Even back then, artificial intelligence (AI) played a prominent role in almost every industry. In my keynote presentations for the last 7 or 8 years, I’ve been talking about AI-powered innovations. For example, in agriculture we’ve seen things like:

  • John Deere’s self-driving tractors
  • AI-based weather prediction for enhanced farming practices
  • AI-assisted pricing analysis for grain markets
  • Autonomous robots that roamed fields identifying diseases and weeds

But the public launch of ChatGPT last year changed everything – and not only because it gave everybody a powerful, free, AI tool at their fingertips.

The other big change is that we can now get instant results from AI.

In the past, using AI usually needed a significant investment – of time, money, skills, digitisation, IT infrastructure, process change, and so on. You can’t just go out and buy a self-driving tractor; you also have to think seriously about how to use it in your everyday workflow.

All of that is still the case if you’re implementing AI solutions yourself.

But you can now use ChatGPT – and other similar AI tools – to get instant results.

And I do mean instant!

These tools have already been trained on billions of data pieces. If you know how to use them well, you can immediately tap into the power of AI for boosting your productivity, enhancing your team performance, and improving your customer experience.

For example, AI can assist you in:

  • drafting emails
  • analysing spreadsheets
  • creating slide decks
  • summarising meetings
  • managing your calendar
  • … and much, much more!

These productivity boosters are available to you NOW, as long as you know how to leverage AI effectively.

This applies to YOU, regardless of your role, organisation, or industry.

Yes, you should also consider other ways to embed AI into your organisation – especially if you’re a leader – but you can get instant results even without going that far.

In my “AI At Work” masterclass, I show you how to get instant results from ChatGPT and other AI tools. Spend half a day with me and I guarantee you’ll save an hour a day in improved productivity!

I’ve also prepared a downloadable worksheet with 21 AI-assisted productivity boosters. Download it, identify those that resonate with you, and explore how AI can help you.



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