AI For Leaders – Virtual Masterclass

AI has been simmering away in the background for decades, but the public launch of ChatGPT late last year was the tipping point that made it mainstream. It’s one of the biggest disruptions we’ll face in the future – but it also creates huge opportunities.

But it’s not as simple as just switching it on and hoping for the best!

As a leader, you have responsibility for the way you and your team use AI. Let’s talk about what this means – for yourself, your team, your customers, and your market.

Some key topics from the session:

  • Why you should ignore most of the news about AI
  • The unexpected areas where people already prefer working with AI than with humans
  • The importance of external data vs internal data – and what that means for your organisation
  • How AI can boost your productivity immediately
  • What retail chain Nordstrom has done for decades that we can use for leading our teams with using AI
  • Why building judgement is a criticial business accelerator in your team
  • How the future of work will involve humans and machines – and how to get this right
  • How RPA (robotic process automation) can automate repetitive tasks
  • The key governance issues that leaders need to consider when implementing AI in their organisations
  • How leaders find the right balance between allowing AI and restricting AI
  • How we’re shifting towards future-ready skills instead of just jobs and careers
  • How leaders navigate the balance between using AI to improve productivity and decision-making while still prioritising data privacy and security, particularly in industries with stricter regulations (like healthcare)
  • Some practical steps leaders can take to leverage AI effectively, while also ensuring the well-being of their teams

You can watch the recording here:

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