Leveraging AI – For Leaders

It’s been a year since ChatGPT disrupted our lives, giving everybody free, public, and instant access to the awesome power of AI. Now, as we’re looking ahead to 2024, many leaders are still coming to terms with the way AI will disrupt their role, team, organisation, and industry.

AI is one of the biggest disruptions we face in the future – but it also creates huge opportunities. As a leader, you need to strike the right balance between letting people floor the accelerator and being sure the car is safe! The good news is you can get both speed and safety – if you do it right.

In this practical, interactive, collaborative leadership masterclass, I’ll help you understand how to use AI effectively in your team and organisation – so you can stay ahead of the game.

Some key topics from the session:

  • How to avoid the hype and hysteria about AI, and focus on what is practical and useful
  • How AI was used by ordinary people – even before ChatGPT – for things like mental health support and career planning
  • Which levers to pull to get instant value from AI tools – and which levers bring longer-term brnefits
  • How to boost the collective AI intelligence and adoption in your team
  • Why you as the leader probably aren’t the best person to lead the AI transformation in your team
  • How work will be reimagined and transformed in the future – and AI’s role in the future of work
  • Your responsibility as a leader to ensure the safety and governance of AI systems and data training to avoid biased outcomes
  • How to identify and support AI champions in your team
  • How everybody can leverage AI to improve productivity and achieve quick wins
  • Why leaders need to address AI risks and challenges, such as data obsolescence and biased decision-making
  • How some organisations are using the disruption of AI to gain a competitive advantage
  • Why we need to act NOW, even if it looks like AI is only having a small impact right now

You can watch the recording here:

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