Your AI Master Plan

Your AI Master Plan

This year marks a turning point in the way we use AI. If you’re a leader, that means you need to create appropriate policies, guidelines, and frameworks for your team to use AI effectively, safely, and responsibly. Every team is different, so in this session, we’ll explore some of the factors to consider when planning your AI policy.


🛑 Guardrails about using AI (safety, privacy, transparency, etc.) are a good starting point – but they are not enough
👥 Consider all the people who will be interested – including external stakeholders
🔄 Keep it active and alive, not just a formal document that’s never used
⚖️ Find the right balance between AI and human intelligence
🔧 Craft it to match the current skills and competence of your staff
💬 Don’t be afraid to talk about how you will leverage AI
🚀 Use your policy as a starting point, but don’t stop there
🛡️ Be strict enough to protect against bad use of AI, but broad enough to leverage its power
📜 Most policies start with the equivalent of a doctor’s oath “first, do no harm”, but they need to go further
🌱 Investing in people builds good judgement in applying the policy

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