People-Powered AI: Bringing Your Team On The AI Journey

If you’re actively looking at using AI in your workplace, are you putting people first? If not, that’s a huge mistake! The technology matters, but if you don’t bring your people along on the journey, you WILL fail. In this interactive masterclass, I’ll share the three pillars for building a team culture that accepts, adopts, and embraces AI.


  • AI has made gigantic leaps in audio, video, and research.
  • AI-powered disruptors from around the world pose serious challenges to ‘traditional’ Western organisations.
  • Use AI to save time in non-core work so you have more time for your core work.
  • Leverage AI to enhance diversity and inclusion (if you do this right!).
  • Most AI policies are missing a crucial component – and leaving it out applies a handbrake to your people embracing AI.
  • Ensure you have conversations with your team about AI and its impact.
  • Identify AI champions – and identify the obstacles they will face – on the AI journey.
  • Beware of generated information – it might be copyrighted, inaccurate, or completely made up!
  • Follow Microsoft’s research-based guidelines for effectively embedding AI as a habit.
  • Increase your team’s knowledge of AI to increase your return and lower your risk.
  • Encourage all leaders and managers to support their teams in experimenting with AI.
  • 90% of leaders say they will be an AI-driven organisation by 2028.

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