Unlocking AI: Creating Value From AI – Fast!

Many organisations are working from the top down to add AI throughout the entire organisation. But, unless you have a lot of money and other resources, that’s way too slow. Instead, start doing small AI projects that create value – fast. You get quick wins, see real benefits, and build AI skills for everybody.

How are you going with using AI and integrating it into your team, your workplace, and your organisation? If you’re struggling to get started, I can help.

I had a pretty big week last week, with five different presentations to diverse groups of clients, including two leadership conferences here in Perth, an AI workshop in Geraldton (country WA), an online workshop for senior leaders about thinking about the future, and facilitating a boardroom discussion for leaders about AI.

AI wasn’t the focus for all of those presentations, but it cropped up every time. That’s not surprising, because most leaders are thinking about it now.

The biggest concern I hear from leaders right now is they think it’s a really big task to bring AI into the organisation. They are on board with it, they love the idea of using AI, they can already see ways it could help. But it seems like a massive task to embrace AI fully.

Guess what? They are right!

If your plan is to “embrace AI fully”, then yes – it’s a massive task.

It’s not only the technology; it’s also about training people, having the right processes in place, creating appropriate workflows, putting an AI policy in place, and training AI on your data

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We already have powerful AI tools – like ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot – at our fingertips, and they already provide massive value – if you do it the right way.

When I work with clients, we work through my AI Accelerator program, which helps them get value – fast – from AI. 🌟

Broadly, there are five stages:

  1. Projects: We bring teams together and identify viable or plausible AI projects they might want to explore and build – all based on solving some problem in the workplace.
  2. Prototype: Create a working prototype of their AI solution to test the concept. With the AI tools available now, you can create a working prototype to test your idea in a few weeks, sometimes even in a few days.
  3. Pitch: Then we reconvene and each team does a presentation and pitch. They present their idea and the results of their prototype to everyone else, talk about what funding is required to turn it into a real product, and discuss the resources needed.
  4. Product: The leadership team decides which projects to fund (often all of them, because the technology is affordable and available). Each team then develops their product or service in the next 90 days (three months).
  5. Payoff: Finally, after delivering and deploying the product, we can measure the payoff – in terms of time, money, reduced stress, or increased engagement.

πŸš€ This process gets results from AI – fast. πŸš€

Start by getting quick wins with AI, and you’ll easily recoup the cost of your investment in three months with these products.

As an added benefit, going through this program means everybody starts using AI, getting comfortable with it, and will be more likely to use AI in the future.

πŸ‘‰ If you’d like to know more about this program, let’s have a chat. I’m very happy to help you implement the AI Accelerator program with your team and organisation. Don’t make AI a massive undertaking. Do these small projects, create some products fast, and get a return on your investment – fast.


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