Unlocking AI: What Healthcare Leaders Need To Know

The world of healthcare is evolving rapidly, especially with the impact of AI. Since the launch of ChatGPT, AI has become mainstream, with many leaders exploring its potential for their organisation and teams. But using AI is not as simple as flipping a switch – especially in a highly-regulated sector where privacy, security, and safety are critical.

In this virtual masterclass, we’ll explore the landscape of AI in healthcare – not only for clinical interventions but for every aspect of your operations. Learn how AI is changing the future of work, see how AI and people can work together, and discover new ways to enhance patient experiences and boost productivity and performance.

You will leave with practical strategies for using AI immediately in your role, with your team, and throughout your organisation. If you’re a leader in a healthcare organisation or a practice owner, join us for this interactive masterclass to help you unlock the potential of AI.

Some key topics from the session:

🧠 How healthcare organisations can find the right balance between human involvement and AI in their processes and decision-making
βš–οΈ The potential risks and benefits of using AI as an assistant in healthcare settings, and how leaders can ensure safe and effective implementation
πŸš€ Practical ways to use small-scale AI projects in healthcare settings to add value and improve efficiency
πŸ”§ How leaders can leverage existing AI tools and integrate AI into everyday tasks for efficiency and improved patient care
🌟 What leaders can do to identify AI champions in their teams and encourage the use of AI tools
πŸ›‘οΈ How leaders can ensure AI in healthcare settings aligns with the “primum non nocere” (“first, do no harm”) principle
⚠️ Cautionary examples of AI in healthcare, and how to implement guardrails to protect employees, the organisation, your reputation, and patients
πŸ… How organisations can focus on quick wins from AI projects instead of aiming for an unrealistic “perfect” AI strategy
🚧 The potential barriers in implementing AI in healthcare settings
🌱 How leaders can foster a culture open to embracing change and working with AI to achieve positive outcomes for both staff and patients
🧠 Applying human intelligence on top of artificial intelligence
πŸ” Highlighting the importance of understanding potential risks and safety considerations, especially in healthcare
πŸ’‘ Examples of AI’s impact in healthcare (including AI nurses, medical drones, emotion detection, cancer detection, AI ultrasounds)
⛓️ Technological limitations and outdated systems hindering AI use in some healthcare settings
πŸ”„ The shift in AI training methods from replicating human expertise to using pre-trained AI models
πŸƒ How not to get distracted by future AI developments and instead start AI initiatives now
🌍 The positive impact of AI when used by teams who understand the problems they want to solve

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