Fast And Loose: Boost Your Productivity And Creativity With AI

There are two quick and easy ways to get value from AI: boosting your productivity and enhancing your creativity. AI can efficiently handle repetitive tasks, freeing up time for more strategic work. It can also spark creativity by giving you more ideas for you to choose from.

Are you playing fast and loose with AI?

Whenever somebody engages me to speak at their conference about AI, I also include in the presentation package a follow-up online session that shows them how to use AI in a practical way. So they get the high-level strategies at the conference and the practical tools and techniques in this follow-up online session.

At one of those recent follow-up sessions, we had covered many practical examples of using AI. Towards the end, one of the participants asked me,

“What are the top two things that you use AI for in your business? What are the must-haves that give you the biggest leverage and value?”

I replied,

“AI helps me in two big areas: productivity and creativity.”

This is what I mean by “fast and loose”.

Your first big gain is in your productivity. AI helps with the heavy lifting in many repetitive tasks throughout your day. Regardless of your job or role, AI can boost your productivity and help you get things done faster.

The second benefit is creativity. Some people think AI can’t be creative, but that’s simply not true. Tools like ChatGPT can be more creative than I in many situations.

For example, do you need

  • titles for a blog post?
  • ideas for having a difficult conversation with a team member?
  • innovative methods to meet a challenging goal?

Ask ChatGPT, Microsoft Copilot, or your AI tool of choice for help, and it will give you many things you wouldn’t have considered.

You still need to apply your human intelligence to these suggestions, but AI often helps loosen up your thinking and provides new ideas, enhancing your creativity.

So, be “fast and loose” with AI: fast for productivity and loose for creativity.

Consider these benefits for yourself as a leader and for your team and organisation.

For more ideas, join my next online presentation about putting AI into action in your team. I’ll share ideas about using AI to be more productive, more creative, and to enhance your customer experience.


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