Intelligent Healthcare: A Masterclass for Leaders

I’ve been talking about artificial intelligence in healthcare for years, but the launch of ChatGPT was the tipping point that made it mainstream. Now everybody’s talking about it, and many leaders are actively exploring it for themselves, their teams, and their organisation. But it’s not as simple as just flipping a switch and hoping everything will work!

If you’re interested in the power, potential, and risks of AI, join me for this virtual masterclass. We’ll explore how AI is enhancing the patient experience, improving clinical decision-making, and boosting productivity and performance. I’ll also address important governance issues about integrating AI. If you’re a healthcare leader who wants to know how to leverage AI effectively, safely, and appropriately for your team or organisation, this is a must-watch session!

Some key topics from the session:

  • AI is well-established, disruptive, and here to stay.
  • Three areas of focus for healthcare leaders: Improving patient outcomes, empowering your teams, and governance and leadership issues
  • Healthcare examples: drug discovery, diagnosis, robots, patient admin, cyborgs, education/training, physiotherapy, patient safety in wards
  • Challenges – including privacy, trust, bias, and safety.
  • Questions about how older patients will adopt and trust AI technology.
  • AI can simplify interactions with technology by providing simpler and more intuitive interfaces, such as using voice assistants like Siri.
  • AI and humans together create optimal results.
  • You can use AI for immediate productivity gains – without large investments in AI througout your organisation.
  • Example of AI bias: Amazon used AI to identify potential leaders, but favoured white men, because that bias was in the historical training data.
  • To bring people along on the AI journey, trust them by building judgement.
  • Policies and rules alone aren’t enough.
  • AI growth is exponential, so start now!

You can watch the recording here:

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