The Top 10 Skills for Australian Workplaces

In their report “The Future of Jobs 2018”, the World Economic Forum identified the top 10 skills we need for Australian workplaces to be fit for the future. How does YOUR workplace stack up? ...

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Financial Advisers: Trends that will Shape the Profession in 2019

It’s been a challenging year for many in the financial services industry, and you don’t need to be a futurist to see some of the immediate changes ahead, for example: [qp_popup_trigger_btn popup-id=”24804″ content=”Download Now”] Increased monitoring and oversight ...

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Are You Building The Best Workplace on Earth?

There’s a war for talent, and the best people can choose where they work. Are you creating the sort of workplace that will attract and keep them? ...

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Which Industries Are Most At Risk of Disruption? My Interview on Your Money

A few weeks ago, Melbourne taxi drivers launched a class action lawsuit for $500 million against Uber, claiming that it was operating illegally in its early days from 2014, and had caused significant losses to the established taxi industry.

This is a copycat lawsuit, with these taxi drivers jumping...

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Would You Trust a Robot to Drive Your Car?

As AI and automation continue to expand, we’re finding more human tasks being done by software or robots. But just because a robot can do something, it doesn’t mean we trust it to take the place of a human being.

In a survey from, more than 1,000 adults answered questions abou...

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Find Talent Everywhere

Many leaders and business owners ignore one of the most powerful sources of ideas and insights that’s right in front of their eyes: the unique skills and talents of their most junior people. ...

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Top Trends for 2019 for Financial Planning and Advice

It’s been a challenging year for the financial services industry. What does the year ahead hold? Here are three consequences of the Royal Commission, three external trends, and three key skills for financial advisers and their businesses. Oh, and one piece of hype you should ignore! ...

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Are You Tapping Into the Power of Wearables?

Everybody is walking around with data collection units strapped to them in the form of smart watches, Fitbits and other wearables. Are you tapping into their potential to gather, filter and analyse all this data to provide better experiences for your clients, customers, and patients? ...

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Are You Really Solving Customer Problems?

I was recently in Melbourne, delivering the opening keynote presentation at the AHRI (Australian Human Resources Institute) National Convention. These are senior leaders and managers in the HR space in Australia, and one of the questions they ask is:
“How do I make sure that HR stays relevant in ...

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