Think Deeper About How to Leverage New Technology

Did you see Google’s recent demo of its AI software, Google Duplex? It’s been doing the rounds on the Internet in the last week, as people marvel, critique and parody it. In case you haven’t seen it, it’s a demonstration of the Google Assistant software making a phon...

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We’re Getting Innovation All Wrong

I’ve been speaking to a lot of organisations recently about innovation, and I reckon we’re getting this whole innovation thing wrong.

Smart leaders know they need to change and innovate, but their efforts just don’t get traction. Why?

We’re not talking about the simple an...

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Use If-Then Thinking To Make Innovation a Habit

How do you find time for innovation in a busy world, when you hardly have enough time to meet your normal day-to-day goals, let alone think of innovation and change? Use the powerful “if/then thinking” process to make innovation a habit.


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Disrupt Yourself

You’ve done everything right, played by the rules, and built a solid business, but the world has changed and everything you valued is shaken to the core. So how do you continue to be successful in a fast-changing world? In a nutshell: Disrupt yourself.
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Decisions, Decisions: The Fast Track to a High-Performance Team

When you start coaching your team members into more senior roles, you will ask for their input into decision-making. This is important, because you eventually want them to make their own decisions, and your role now is to help build their judgement.

But don’t wait for them to be operating i...

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Change and Disruption: You’ve Got This Covered

I read with interest last week that the USA is considering extending its laptop ban to flights from Europe as well as the Middle East. And here in Australia, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull confirmed the Australian government is “looking at it very closely” to determine whether to foll...

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Are You Ready to Lead in a VUCA World?

I heard somebody say recently that you don’t know what real pain is until you step on a piece of Lego on the floor when walking barefoot from your bedroom to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

OK, it’s a First World problem, I know! But anybody who has had that experience can sy...

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