Power Up Your Team

In March last year, when the reality of a global pandemic first hit us, we kept hearing the word ‘unprecedented’ as a way to describe

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Trust Them!

In the book ‘No Rules Rules’, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings explains how Netflix leaders trust their staff and demonstrate that trust in practice. For example,

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A Matter of Trust

To accelerate the journey from crisis to recovery and growth, build more trust in your team members – and their trust in you. That gives

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Do Something That Matters

When Santiago Jaramillo, the CEO and co-founder of Saas software company Emplify, was a seven-year-old child in Colombia, he craved Snickers bars, which his parents

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Diversity Trumps Ability

In December, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo was fined €90,000 (about A$140,000) by the French Ministry of Civil Service because she had broken a rule about

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The Future Of Leadership

In uncertain times, everybody is looking for real leadership. The best leaders provide clarity in confusion, inspire confidence in uncertainty, and act with calm amidst

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